For me, yoga & meditation was the gateway to a holistic lifestyle. It has not only helped me receive the physical benefits my body craved but provided me with healing that my mind earned for. Over the years I have slowly transitioned into a holistic lifestyle exploring many different ways to stay happy & healthy in mind, body & spirit without any pharmaceutical drugs and I'm here to share them with you...because sharing is caring! 

Yoga can strengthen and invigorate the body, heal our soul, and bring awareness to the mind. Over the years, practicing yoga has helped me manage stress, bring light to the dark corners of the mind, surrender to the journey, build patience, develop trust & resilience on and off the mat.

I practice to fuel my teachings, but I teach to fuel my life

My vision is to provide my students with tools to explore, play and experiment with form, become aware of habits, eradicate the ego and connect to a greater level of who we truly are through gentle movement & breath. Yoga is not about achieving a certain pose, it’s about being honest and authentic in whatever stage you are in. 

My goal is help students feel empowered during their practice and be able to carry the lessons on the mat into ones daily life, because yoga is not just a class, it’s a lifestyle.

Masha has been a wonderful yoga instructor. Her energy is positive, focused on growth, and supportive. Through her help I’ve been able to grow in my practice and trust and listen to my body.
— Kari