I have been searching desperately for an in-home yoga instructor for over a year. Masha paired me up with Kraig and after 2 sessions I already love working with him. He is very knowledgeable and patient, which is important for me and my particular issues. After a session with Kraig, I feel long, limber, empowered and eager for the next appointment. I see and FEEL the difference my return to yoga has made. My anxiety has decreased IMMENSELY, as has my lethargy. Holistic Cure is exactly that - healing the whole person. I’m sooo happy!
— Tracy S / June 2019
Masha is the perfect yoga teacher, very knowledgeable and patient.
— Danny / July 2017
Masha has been absolutely fantastic. My wife and I were new to yoga, and had a less-than positive experience at a chain yoga studio. We were looking for someone who could work with beginners, had flexibility in their scheduling, and was willing to travel to our house. We nailed it with Masha. She has exceeded all of our expectations, and within the first month, I’ve seen significant progress in my flexibility.
— Jason & Rachel / June 2017
Thank you for another wonderful class. I believe you were born to teach yoga, inspire others and I loved every minute.
— Mark / August 2016
“Yoga with Masha is both energizing & calming. She provides a non judgmental yoga space. Her cues allow me to achieve better alignment & get the most out of every pose. Masha’s thoughtful inspirational words add to my overall yoga experience.”
— Lynn / August 2016
“I have had 4 yoga sessions with Masha so far. It has been a great experience! She really knows what she’s doing and she seems to know exactly how to coach you. I never took any Yoga classes before so she is working with a newbie. She is very patient and fun to work with. She is also a wellness coach, I am looking forward to talking to her about diet and overall health!”
— Dan / July 2016
“Masha has been a wonderful yoga instructor. Her energy is positive, focused on growth, and supportive. Through her help I’ve been able to grow in my practice and trust and listen to my body.”
— Kari / June 2016
“Had a great experience. The Reiki session we did, really helped me concentrate on important things in my life.”
— Natalia / April 2016
“I really enjoyed my 1st experience with holistic cure. Masha was very professional and intuned with my body during the process. Would definitely recommend and will see her again !!!”
— Lidiya / March 2016