Chicago Marathon 2019

Congratulations on participating in the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. We are so happy you came to the Recovery Monday presented by Advocate Health Care and did some yoga with us. We would love to hear your feedback and your experience by filling out this quick 2 question survey

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Yoga & Meditation

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  • rejuvenate the body & the mind

  • increase mental clarity, focus & energy

  • improve mood, decrease stress levels & create an efficient mind

  • work on improving stamina

  • increase breathing capacity

  • clear the mind & process emotions

  • increase productivity by reducing stress levels

  • hone in on the creativity & inspiration

  • be able to come up with numerous solutions to problems

  • improve communication & express clear thoughts

  • create a more efficient and relaxed mind

We offer yoga & meditation services for:


Sound Healing/Yoga Nidra/Energetic Healing

  • Enter deep relaxation as you are guided through Yoga Nidra “Conscious Sleep”.

  • Simply lay comfortably on your back or seated, and you will be guided through varying breathing, body awareness and relaxation techniques to progressively enter a deeply relaxed awareness.

  • In this meditative state, it is easy to disengage from negative mental talk and detach from unconscious habit patterns that may be limiting your life.  

  • While in this relaxed state you may choose to receive Reiki, an ancient energetic healing technique used to balance your energy, opening any emotional or spiritual energetic blocks.  Seal the experience and wash away that which no longer serves you through the beautiful healing sounds of crystal singing bowls to restore your body, mind and spirit  bringing a renewed sense of self.

    We offer energetic healing services for:

Employee Massage Day


A day where your employees get a 10 minute chair massage in the middle of their workday to:

  • promote better posture

  • reduce muscle tension & stiffness

  • increase efficiency of their immune system

  • appreciate their employer for taking care of their employees

    We offer massage day services for:

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