Private Wellness Programs

Private Yoga Sessions

There’s a reason we refer to our yoga as “practice”: It’s an opportunity to practice whatever qualities we want to see more of in our lives.
  • By working one one one, you are able to:

    • individualize & deepen your practice

    • receive deeper insight into specific postures or categories of postures that interest you

    • gain guidance & hands-on adjustments

    • work towards a specific goal in a private & tailored setting: whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual

Masha has been a wonderful yoga instructor. Her energy is positive, focused on growth, and supportive. Through her help I’ve been able to grow in my practice and trust and listen to my body.
— Kari

Wellness Coaching

Create a wellness routine that makes you excited! It’s the ultimate expression of self-love.
  • This type of a personalized coaching will allow you to:

    • get a deep understanding of your physical body & emotional states

    • utilize mindfulness techniques to become aware of your life path & destructive patterns

    • explore an opportunity to build better habits through mental re-conditioning in a supportive, passionate & knowledgeable environment

    • establish sustainable & holistic routines for a vibrant body, mind & spirit

A great decision! To have a knowledgeable source like that to stay on track with my wellness routine & to have a motivator like Masha is invaluable!
— Karen

Energetic Healing

Energy is everywhere. It is all around us. It is the most basic building block of life. Energy flows through everything and creates everything.
  • Energetic healing session will serve you in:

    • facilitation of much-needed relief from tension, stress sadness, grief, and pain

    • clearing any energetic blockages for a flow of clarity & creativity

    • bringing your body back in balance & harmony

    • raising the vibrational frequency of the body, mind & spirit

    • helping your spiritual growth & emotional clearing

    • learning how to protect & seal your own energy

Had a great experience; the Reiki session we did really helped me concentrate on important things in my life.
— Natalia

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