Our Team

Our team at Holistic Cure is dedicated to providing you with the support, knowledge & tools on your wellness journey. We are a team with a vast knowledge in a variety of holistic remedies & tools specializing in different arenas we found passion in.


H! :) My name is Masha and I'm here to your holistic rescue!


Having gone through some mysterious physical issues in my life from headaches to stomach pains to anxiety & panic attacks to severe neck & back pain, I have gone above & beyond to find holistic ways to heal & support my body & my mind, knowing that our body is capable of healing itself, only if we let it.

My hope is to provide the tools I have learned along the way, that have helped me heal and are still used as part of my routine, to those who might feel helpless in their journey to feeling 100%.

Masha is a registered 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher through Yoga Medicine, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Registered Children's Yoga Teacher, Meridian Therapy practitioner, reiki healer, avid cook, a gardener, marketing guru and a lifelong supporter of a holistic approach to whole body wellness. She has her hands full with two boisterous boys and her ultimate vision in life is to seek balance in all aspects of our multi-dimensional lives.

Masha has gone through years of research & experimentation of different holistic products & methods for a strong & flexible body, balanced wellness & a happy spirit.


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Alicia is a 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified, Pilates & Reiki Master who has a strong passion for mental health. Her main focus on the mat emphasizes the importance of alignment, foundation & flow. It was through her personal battle of depression she was able to awaken to forgiveness. She is an advocate for self love! She is a firm believer that love is our greatest gift. Within that love lies an inner-strength available to all who’s willing to lean into vulnerability. She  encourages students to open their hearts by using a variety of self-soothing techniques such as yoga, Reiki, meditation, sound healing, breath-work, chakra balancing, aroma-therapy and EFT-tapping.

Alicia found peace in the heart of Peru summer of 2016. She has since reconnected with the beauty of the natural cycles of endings & beginnings. Sitting with Mother Earth’s nourishing medicine ease her mind & body of daily life. Meditation, prayer, ritual & devotion create space for herself to be present. Understanding the way of our ancestors invites powerful transformation on all levels. She has since devoted herself to being in service to others healing journey. It is important to her that we know that we are not alone , together we can heal.

Her playful spirit, intuitive nature & inner-child offer warmth. Her mission is to support others on their path of well-being. Living life fully in these 4 main pillars of,”Health, Wealth, Love & Self Expression,”offer a road map to attain balance. Happiness is a choice we can make for ourselves. Self love is the best kind of medicine. She provides a safe space to release, surrender, let go or experience bliss, joy & connection by facilitating Ceremonies, Retreats, group classes & private sessions. 



Hi yogis and mindful journiers! I have been living a yoga lifestyle for more than 6 years now, and traveled down the teaching path after I realized I was unknowingly already teaching yoga to others! By sharing my love of breath, movement, and present being, others regularly asked me questions about yoga, wellness, and mindfulness. So my journey began! I thrive when helping & connecting with others, and teaching a yoga practices allows just that. A feeling of present awareness and being whole is what I seek in my own yoga practice and what I hope to encourage my students to find. Yoga is more than just an exercise, but an experience. I encourage students to listen to their own bodies, I am only a guide and a calming voice to connect with. Feeding off the energy in the room, practices can be higher energy, focused, calming, light hearted & goofy, or very meditative. Again, I adapt to you because I am here for YOUR journey! Namaste :) 

Kennedi’s positive energy, her lively but calm spirit is very nurturing with clients. She puts her heart into teaching her classes and is felt throughout the class. She is studying to be a chiropractor



Cindy is a lifelong athlete, a former attorney and a six time Ironman Triathlon finisher. Having practiced yoga for 21 years, Cindy began teaching five years ago while taking her first of multiple yoga teacher trainings. Certified in hatha, vinyasa and yin styles of yoga, Cindy has also studied various forms of meditation under several renowned teachers and is a certified Reiki-Master Teacher (Usui and Holy Fire II) and a certified Bach Flower Essence practitioner. Employing various styles of yoga, meditation and pranayama, Cindy skillfully weaves the themes of mental and physical wellness as well as self-empowerment and self-acceptance throughout her classes while adapting the physical practice to suit all levels and all bodies.


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Regina is a 500 hour RYT Yoga Professional and Meditation Teacher. She teaches at retreats, group events, in the studio, and private and personal training, in both corporate and studio settings.

She has studied and practiced a broad range of yoga, meditation and other healing modalities including Kundalini yoga, sound healing, and reiki.

A free spirit, Regina incorporates meditation into her daily routine, is immersed in the study of A Course in Miracles, is an avid chef of vegetarian cuisine and is passionate about animals. She is also ecochic, making eco-friendly choices both personally and professionally that give back to the community and world.


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Kraig is known for his authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Kraig teaches many challenging and fun yoga sculpt classes every week and also teaches hatha yoga, hot yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, yin yoga and aqua yoga. He prides himself on making each one of his classes accessible for all levels from beginner to advanced. When you step into one of Kraig's classes you will immediately feel that there is a non competitive and a non judgmental environment type of energy in the room. Kraig makes his classes challenging for all levels of fitness, ages and abilities of students and specializes in accommodating students who are challenged with physical limitations and or injuries. Kraig loves and has a passion for music! His classes are driven with a wide range of music and are taught with a positive, kind and compassionate energy. Yoga has been a part of Kraig's life since 2006, and his yoga training's and his practice has helped him grow as a person both spiritually and mentally. Yoga inspires Kraig to appreciate life, to help others and live each moment with kindness and mindfulness.


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Katrina started teaching yoga as a theatrical director to help her actors with movement and creativity. She specializes in yoga for seniors, teaching private clients and group classes. She is currently volunteering at a senior center to teach yoga to residents in memory care