Free Meditations

Healing Affirmations

  • This is a highly therapeutic guided practice with healing affirmations for physical, mental and emotional well-being and support. You may choose to speak these gentle affirmations or simply close your eyes and let these affirmations envelop you.

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De-Cluttering Our Inner Landscape

  • just as we would de-clutter our external environment from junk and garbage, it's important to de-cluttering our inner landscape.

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Mid-day Refresher - Waterfall of Love

  • this guided visualization is a beautiful journey to a natural and serene waterfall setting. This meditation can be used for a mid-day refresher, to feel mentally and emotionally rejuvenated, as you cleanse your mind of busy thoughts.

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Words From Your Inner Child

  • recorded from the mouth of an innocent, sweet child (my youngest, Oliver) is a truly powerful & healing practice

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Letting Joy Be Our Priority

  • returning to our natural state of being - joy!

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It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

  • giving ourselves permission to NOT be ok ALL THE TIME

  • to feel and to acknowledge heavy or deep emotions

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its ok not to be ok comment.jpg
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Kids Sleepy Meditation

  • this is a short and sweet kids meditation to get ready to sleep. This practice is also perfect for releasing stress, angst or fear, as it encourages feeling calm, relaxed, and aware of the beauty of the present moment.

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