H! :) My name is Masha and I'm here to your holistic rescue!

Having gone through some mysterious physical issues in my life from headaches to stomach pains to anxiety & panic attacks to severe neck & back pain, I have gone above & beyond to find holistic ways to heal & support my body & my mind, knowing that our body is capable of healing itself, only if we let it.

My hope is to provide the tools I have learned along the way, that have helped me heal and are still used as part of my routine, to those who might feel helpless in their journey to feeling 100%.

Masha is a registered 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher through Yoga Medicine, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Registered Children's Yoga Teacher, Meridian Therapy practitioner, reiki healer, avid cook, a gardener, marketing guru and a lifelong supporter of a holistic approach to whole body wellness. She has her hands full with two boisterous boys and her ultimate vision in life is to seek balance in all aspects of our multi-dimensional lives.

Masha has gone through years of research & experimentation of different holistic products & methods for a strong & flexible body, balanced wellness & a happy spirit.

Our vision @ Holistic Cure is to provide an easy & accessible way to holistic treatments for a variety of ailments, as well as preventative tips & sustainable routines for a whole body wellness.