Toddler / Pre-School Yoga


Empower your kids by offering them a chance to learn life-long skills through the practice of yoga. During kids yoga practice, we will explore:

  • breathing techniques to calm the body & the mind

  • encourage the ancient practice of yoga through play & yoga games

  • use of age appropriate props, toys & yoga relevant books to engage in the practice

  • self-regulation skills by using movement & the breath

  • strengthen & energize the physical body

  • increase confidence & self-esteem

  • build meaningful relationships with our peers

  • reduce stress & anxiety

  • increase focus & concentration

Holistic Cure came into our Kindergarten Prep classroom at Bright Horizons. They were engaging & inviting to young kids and the kids loved it. Our instructor was positive, insightful & patient
— Katie @ Bright Horizons

What we do during our practice:

  • Philosophical discussion about the 8 limbs of yoga

  • Practice various breathing techniques to calm the body

  • Learn mudras & mantras

  • Move the body through an asana practice of strengh, length & balance

  • Partner poses to build a strong connection with our peers

  • Use essential oils to help us either calm or energize the body & the mind

  • Play cooperative yoga games to reinforce team effort, unity, connection, focus, peace & overall well-being

  • Use visualization & guided imagery to build on an inner resource

  • Work towards sitting still in our meditation practice to quiet the mind & to increase focus

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