Hi yogis and mindful journiers! I have been living a yoga lifestyle for more than 6 years now, and traveled down the teaching path after I realized I was unknowingly already teaching yoga to others! By sharing my love of breath, movement, and present being, others regularly asked me questions about yoga, wellness, and mindfulness. So my journey began! I thrive when helping & connecting with others, and teaching a yoga practices allows just that. A feeling of present awareness and being whole is what I seek in my own yoga practice and what I hope to encourage my students to find. Yoga is more than just an exercise, but an experience. I encourage students to listen to their own bodies, I am only a guide and a calming voice to connect with. Feeding off the energy in the room, practices can be higher energy, focused, calming, light hearted & goofy, or very meditative. Again, I adapt to you because I am here for YOUR journey! Namaste :)