Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Lunch Yoga

  • Fabulous way for your employees to:
    • rejuvenate the body & the mind
    • increase mental clarity, focus & energy
    • engage in positive & mutual interactions with their peers
    • improve mood, decrease stress levels & create an efficient mind

Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Create the space for your employees to:
    • increase productivity by reducing stress levels
    • hone in on the creativity & inspiration 
    • be able to come up with numerous solutions to problems
    • clear the mind & process emotions
    • improve communication & express clear thoughts
    • create a more efficient and relaxed mind

Corporate Holistic Consulting Program

  • This program is designed with tools & techniques to:
    • give your employees access to healthy & nutritious options throughout the day to provide them with mental & physical energy for a productive work-day
    • establish your organization as the healthy place to work
    • increase employee loyalty
    • decrease employee absence due to sickness

Employee Massage Day

  • A day where your employees get a 10 minute chair massage in the middle of their workday to:
    • promote better posture
    • reduce muscle tension & stiffness
    • increase efficiency of their immune system
    • appreciate their employer for taking care of their employees