{Video} Reduce Your Toxic Load #toxins #chemicals #autoimmunity #healing #holisticwellness

Reduce Your Toxic Load

Tips for reducing our toxic load:

* Food

Organic fruits & veggies

Organic & grass-fed & finished meat: http://bit.ly/butcherbox-organic

* Water

Install a high quality water purification

* Personal care products

Cosmetics, hair care, skin care etc

Fluoride - toothpaste

Think dirty app or/and EWG.com

*House - reduce exposure to

Air pollution - get a good air purifier: http://bit.ly/AirDoctor-Holistic

Dirty Electricity

Greenwave meter: http://bit.ly/DirtyElectricityMeter

Filter: http://bit.ly/DirtyElectricityFilters

* Radiation


turn phone to airplane mode during sleep


*Plastics - reduce your usage of plastic water bottles & oils in plastic

Stainless Steel Safe Water Bottle: http://bit.ly/SafeWaterBottle

* Emotional & mental toxic load - Reduce the burden of toxicity in your mind

Remove all relationships and connections that feel toxic

This also applies to toxic thoughts about yourself & others.

This step is just as important as all the other ways to reduce your toxic load. Don’t overlook it.