inspirational quotes

Inspirational Quotes

The health of your mind and your soul impacts your health far more than your physical diet or exercise.
The more deeply we drink from The Inner fountain of infinite joy that is available to each of us at all times, regardless of our circumstances, the more secure we become in our own abundant happiness
Let go of the results. After all, it’s the process, not the destination, that reveals what we hope to find.
Tiny moments of presence add up to a lot of fuel in your tank when you need to step back from a challenging or stressful situation.
The F in Forgiveness is Freedom
As you turn the volume up on present moment, your turn the volume down on stressful mind activity. You create space and clarity.
I know I’ll succeed if I show up offering the best version of myself, stick to my intentions, and step outside of my comfort zone
Growth is limitless
You have to be knocked off center in order to find center
If you stop grasping for control of the uncontrollable, you can learn to breathe through it all.
The feeling or experience you are seeking is an inside job that you can have TODAY. You do not have to wait for someday to feel the way you want to feel. Putting an expectation on something in the future creates suffering today.
Gratitude, like happiness, is not a random feeling or emotion. It’s an action, a response that we can choose to cultivate in any situation. Even those that are painful or sad or difficult. It’s not always easy to do, but we always have a choice to do it.
By filling your bucket with gratitude, there isn’t room for the negative energy to come in: and once you change your world view, things begin to flow
Be unapologetic about being you
Let go of the battle. Breathe quietly and let it be. Let your body relax and your heart soften. Open to whatever you experience without fighting
Remind myself everyday that my time on planet earth is limited and I want to spend it being vibrant, present and fully alive
Courage isn’t about becoming fearless. Courage is the willingness to experience our fears. And as we experience our fears, courage grows
Perfection or fullness is not to be acquired, it is already there. All we have to do is remove the veil that keeps us from experiencing it
True wealth is an internal condition. The way to recognize it is to concentrate on the things that you already have that money can’t buy
Let yourself be guided by your passions, with no expectation. Your only job is to see where they lead, and enjoy the process of living with passion.
When the next storm hits your life, adjust your sails, and you’ll have a much better chance of making it through.
Know that you have what you need, no matter what you receive. Understand that attachment repels abundance while detachment effortlessly attracts.
It’s not that you don’t have time, it’s just not a priority
We can either complain about the character we’ve rolled, or we can acknowledge it and then play that character to the best of our ability.
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable or imperfect. Be brave enough to share your truth and you’ll help others be courageous enough to share theirs.
Like a surfer on a wave, you let the energy take you where it knows you’re meant to go.
I let go of thinking my dreams and goals need to happen right now. Sometimes who I become in the process of waiting is more important than the actual achievement.
Assemble your life around small acts of self-improvement until they become habits. Once you nail this, positive change will become a way of life.