Change is the Only Constant


As 2010 rolls around, we all want to change/improve something aboutourselves, but we might be overwhelmed by the amount of things we want to add/delete to become the new us. However, MJ Ryan author of AdaptAbility says "Making ONE change enables you to see the possibility for more significant change in other areas of your life”. Here is a list of "little" changes that can make a big impact on your overall well-being


1) Changing up our daily outline can really do wonders for our psyche. I like to play the “negative energy scavenger hunt” game where you find all the things that drive you crazy and work to get rid of it. This "cleaning out" process gives you an instant lift. Create a holistic routine to lift the spirits

2) Our thought patterns create neural pathways in our brains. You can TRAIN your brain to think positively. Constantly reminding your brain to think positive can become your natural way of thinking. Negative thoughts consume a lot of our energy, so list three things you’re grateful for every day

3) Little things add up: small changes can really make a big difference when it comes to the shade of green! Switch to online bills, use a reusable tote for groceries instead of plastic, don’t waste water and turn off the lights when you leave the room

4) Save a life: give blood

5) Meditate in the morning. Starting with a daily dose of peaceful practices will set a much better tone for your day than watching the news, which usually tend to make you depressed. This may seem like such a drag for a lot of us, but if you don't think of it as a chore and think of the benefits that go along with meditation or just setting a positive tone for the day, then you'll be more likely to get out of bed early and actually look forward to it

6) Turn down the noise: don’t answer every email the second it arrives, watch less TV. Write down or visualize what you really want to do, because writing bridges the subconscious with the conscious. Make a visualization board of all the things that give you goose bumps and pull you

7) Meet new people: bringing new people into your life leads you to new experiences and new ideas. You never know who might be of help in the future. Keep in contact with everybody. Remember their birthdays (or write it down), their likes and dislikes, memories you had together, inside jokes etc. It feels great to receive a birthday or a holiday card from someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, especially if the card includes a personal message, a memory, an inside joke. Brings back good memories

8) Hug someone every day. “Hugging decreases levels of stress hormones and lowers blood pressure”. For all you animal lovers, cuddling with a pet counts! But pets do the magic by their mere presence.

9) Fidget-cise: Keep moving throughout the day: squats while you brush your teeth, push-ups on the counter while waiting for your toast or tea kettle. This boost circulation throughout your body and you get a mini workout!

Don't forget change is eternal, perpetual, immortal. You can't escape it, so just roll with it and have a FABULOUS 2010!!!