The Most Simple, But Powerful Exercise You Can Start Doing RIGHT NOW to Quiet a Racing Mind & Reduce Stress

Sitting still might seem like a simple practice, but it’s actually very difficult to be alone with ourselves and our thoughts, especially if we’ve been through some traumatic experiences in our lives where even a simple silence can bring up a lot of difficult emotions associated with those negative experiences. Meditation can be a very powerful practice to release those feelings associated with the experiences that might have happened back in our childhood and we are still holding onto it in our bodies & in our minds.

The best part is all you need is yourself and a quiet place to just sit and be still for a few minutes. There has been an incredible amount of modern research on the healing benefits of meditation from physical to mental to emotional. 

A regular meditation practice has been shown to increase concentration, improve creativity as well as help the brain react to stress in a more calm and composed way.

So, if you are willing to release those blocks that could be stopping you from living a fulfilling life, you can begin a meditation practice in a very small and gentle way, by allowing yourself to just sit still while observing your thoughts as they come in, without engaging with any one in particular. Just letting them float by like clouds in the sky. And just like some clouds could be white and fluffy, some clouds are dark and stormy. The most important thing is you let them be as they are, without trying to manipulate or change them. Being present with our feelings especially the difficult ones will help us release them faster. Our society frowns upon angry or sad emotions, but these are just outlets for us to release and recycle the stored up feelings that are keeping us stuck.

Stop, Drop & Meditate

It's nice to have a designated spot in your home where you feel safe, grounded & uninterrupted, sit on a meditation cushion to elevate your hips for comfort, surround yourself with favorite & spiritual objects like a Himalayan salt lamp (works as an air purifier and is BEAUTIFUL), Tibetan singing bowl, favorite healing crystals,  mala beadslight a candle etc., but it's more important to just sit still with your eyes closed. So, if you don't want to get fancy with meditation gadgets, STOP, DROP & MEDITATE can be a great option for you. Start with 5 minutes/day and increase it to 10, 15 or 20 as you get comfortable. Ideally you want to do a meditation in the morning before the day gets busy, but if first thing in the morning doesn't seem to fit into your routine, make it happen after the kids have gone to school or before heading out the door or even in the car before going in to work. Your mind will be relaxed and ready to deal with life's challenges in a more composed way. And now meditation is more accessible than ever before via our phone apps we can take with us anywhere. Just press the play button, sit back & be guided into a state of relaxation, available at your fingertips. Or you’d rather learn to  meditate with a human being, feel free to reach out and I’ll teach you.

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I hope this serves you and Namaste! <3